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Liquor Liability Program


Liquor Liability Program

Demotech Rating Logo.gifHospitality Insurance Group is an admitted insurance company offering commercial property, general liability, liquor liability, assault and battery, and excess liability insurance coverage to businesses that serve or sell liquor.

Hospitality Mutual Insurance Company (HMIC) is a private, mutually owned insurance company based in Massachusetts. In 2010, HMIC expanded its operations and formed Hospitality Insurance Company (HIC), which allowed them to expand the operation from Massachusetts to New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

In 2011, Hospitality Insurance Company appointed the Rhode Island Association of Insurance Agents (RIAIA) as an aggregator to make this market available to the members who do not qualify for a direct appointment. Participation is subject to review and approval, and also requires a signed RIAIA broker's agreement.

Eligible Businesses:

Liquor Stores ~ Bars ~ Restaurants
Convenience Stores ~ Caterers ~ Taverns ~ Bowling Alleys 
Gentlemen's Clubs ~ Social Clubs ~ Nightclubs ~ Manufacturers
Whole Sale Distributors ~New Ventures ~ Special Events
Please submit ACORD applications for General Liability, Property & Excess quotes.


If you have any questions regarding Hospitality Insurance Company or would like to learn more about writing business, please contact:
Lori Kaufman
 (401) 732-2400

For New and Renewal Business:​​
  1. You must be a member of IIARI with a completed Broker's Agreement.
  2. Fax or email your completed application(s) to Lori Kaufman at​.
  3. We will contact you for additional information or send a quote.  Hospitality Insurance Company requires at least a 48 hour turnaround time.
  4. To bind coverage:
    • A formal request must be made.
    • All "subject to" requirements must be met and sent along with signed applications and copy of payment or finance agreement.
    • Send original payment to Hospitality Insurance Company, 95A Turnpike Road, Westborough, MA 01581​​
  5. The policy will be issued and forwarded upon receipt of payment.
​​​​Preferred Liquor Liability
  • For clients with liquor sales under 60% and a three-year loss ratio under 55%
Standard Liquor Liability
  • For clients with liquor sales between 60-100%, with a three-year loss ratio under 55%; they must also have participated in an approved alcohol-server training program.
Modified Liquor Liability
  • For clients who do not qualify for the "preferred" or "modified" programs.

​​​​Potential Credits for Insured:
  • Package Discount if GL & LL are written together.
  • 10% discount for establishment that close by 8 p.m.
  • 20% Liquor Liability discount if insured is a member of Rhode Island Hospitality Association
  • 20% Fine Dining Credit*
  • 40% Loss Free Credit*
  • 10% discount for those with 100% of managers and 75% of servers that have participated in an approved alcohol-training program
  • 50% off assault and battery if 100% of managers and 75% of servers participate in an approved security training program.
*must meet required criteria
*does not apply to minimum earned premium policy

Approved Training Programs:

Hospitality Insurance Company has a number of approved training programs to help your insured become more knowledgeable in the business of serving alcohol and provide discounts on their liquor liability policy.

    • ​​​Health Communications, Inc. (T.I.P.S)
    • ServSafe Alcohol
    • Server Training on Premises (S.T.O.P)
    • Techniques of Alcohol Management (TAM)
    • Beverage Alcohol Training Program (BAT)
    • Rhode Island Hospitality Education Foundation

    • Security Liability Reduction Association * * 617-513-3525