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Wavhe Staffing Solutions


Wavhe Staffing Solutions

Work at Home Vintage Experts

What is WAHVE?

  • WAHVE is a unique, cost-saving remote contract staffing solution which supplements your firm's staffing needs by using the industries knowledgeable and technologically savvy retirees who would cost twice as much if you hired someone with expertise.
  • WAHVE provides contract remote staff for back office process services or to fill a position on a dedicated full-time, part-time or project/consulting basis, helping you improve your profitability. 
  • The costs for wahves vary depending on the type and level of work you require. For process and customer service work, the hourly rate is $25 and $30/hr. For a full-time person, the hourly rate equates to $41,825 - $50,190 annually. For higher level and expert work, the hourly rate is negotiated based on the expertise needed and/or the project. There are no additional charges, no employee benefits or office overhead to pay. 
  • Wahves cost 50% less than regular experienced staff, which drives down the cost of process work and staff. 
  • WAHVE is a less costly and more effective alternative to the carrier service centers and keeps you in control. 
What Can WAHVE's Do?
  • Wahves can do all types of process work to support an Account Manager, CSR, Underwriter and/or Producer such as preparation of applications and submissions, rating/quoting, binding, policy issuance, renewals, proposals, policy checking, certificate issuance, loss runs requests, loss runs analysis, auditing or they can fill a CSR, AE, Underwriter, Claims, Marketer, Risk Manager, etc. position.
  • Some wahves are experts in their field, providing needed institutional knowledge on a project, consulting or mentoring basis. 
How WAHVE Qualifies Candidates:
  • WAHVE has an extensive database of qualified insurance people who are in what they call phased retirement. They have retired from their firms, but would like to work remotely from home full-or part-time or on a project/consulting basis.
  • They have 25+ years insurance experience. Many wahves have multiple designations, degrees and licenses and are eager to work remotely from home or do project/consulting work so that they can stay engaged and supplement their retirement income. 
  • WAHVE has an extensive qualification process with on-line, timed insurance coverage, errors and omissions and management systems tests, reference and background checks. 
What Is the Process for Hiring a WAHVE?
  • Based on your needs, WAHVE matches you with qualified wahves.
  • You can interview them and decide which one(s) you like. 
  • WAHVE then outsource them to you on a dedicated basis.
  • WAHVE bills you an hourly fee. 
  • Each wahve has the latest systems and programs and dual monitors if required for the work. 
  • Wahves work in a totally remote secure environment within your management system and are trained in your workflow. All their work is tracked in your management system.
Why WAHVE is a Better Choice than Off-Shoring:
  • You save a considerable sum on start up costs, productivity and supervision and wahves can do higher level work and complete the full process. 
  • Wahves only need a few days of training and they are ready to work as part of your team.
  • Wahves work the hours you chose and you can speak to them just as you would a regular employee.
  • You dont need to worry about language, cultural differences, double-checking the work or time difference.
By hiring wahves, you save on salary, benefits, overhead and turnover while increasing profitability. It is really an easy process from start to finish. It takes a few weeks to set everything up between the interviews, selection of the wahve(s), synching the technology between you and your wahve, and then training your wahve on your workflow.
Call 646-807-4372, ext.506, or visit for more information.


Call 646-807-4372, ext.506, or visit for more information.